Humanity Protection Organization
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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

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Rules & Regulation
  1. To social service activities and to provide facilities for the relief of the poor irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex, social status and religion.
  2. To apply for, receive, collect and recover from State and Central Government grants, aids and allowances in connection with people.
  3. To protect people from Social enemies.
  4. No profit and do not enter into political
  5. To help this Association for people welfare association.
  6. To create Library
  7. To help the physically handicapped and challenged people
  8. To organize free medical camp
  9. To organize free legal aid camps
  10. To abolish the prevalence of Child Labour and Child abuse.
  11. To organize and maintain moveable and immovable properties
  12. To protect human rights
  13. To find and conduct well activity society to make merry
  14. To all activities and income to use activate this association.
  15. To help educational to poor children‘s
  16. To downtrodden village people help to education, professional, food and basic rights.
  17. To work Green evaluation Programme activities from the national development
  18. To follow Tamilnadu Child Marriage Act 2009.
  19. To provide service and activate under old age home Tamilnadu Parents & Old Age people act 2009
  20. To activate Compulsory Education Act
  21. To inspect and follow school children’s welfare awareness private school buses under Private Schools Act
  22. To inspect and protect private school buildings for example : Inner building, class rooms, bathroom, play ground under Public Building Licensing Act.
  23. To run schools (nursery, primary and Secondary ) and educational institution, professional institution.
  24. To create opportunities for the improvement and development of the needy women and children in rural and downtrodden areas.
  25. To provide counsel and rehabilitation for sex workers, drug addicts, handicapped, mentally retarded and aids patients.
  26. To establish rehabilitation centres and to conduct rehabilitation camps for facilitating the process.
  27. Health Care : To conduct, establish, maintain, run, develop, improve hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, maternity homes, rescue homes to help treat all people without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or community at costs affordable to them or even free of cost.
  28. Socio-Economic Development : To carry out objects of general public utility and security, such as village upliftment, rural reconstruction, public health and hygiene, community development, welfare of women and children, promotion of cottage industries, self-employment schemes etc. and to start establish, conduct, take over, maintain and manage and help any institution considered necessary to secure these objects (e.g.) Orphanages, Old age homes etc.
  29. Cottage Industries : To engage people in general and weaker sections of the society educationally, economically and socially in particular in the various fields of cottage small scale industries and to conduct skill, training which may provide venue for employment to the people economically backward.
  30. Tailoring : To engage people in general and weaker sections of the society in the field of tailoring and to conduct skill, training which may provide employment to the people economically backward.
  31. Emergency Relief : To give good, clothing, medicines, cash grants and any other help that may be necessary to the poor and afflicted people in distress affected by natural calamities such as earthquake, floods, famine, tsunami, storm, cyclones, lighting etc.
  32. To establish our concern to start branches many places in our objects.

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